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Contact centers must deal with risk every day - compliance violations, financial fraud, data breaches, identity theft - they're all present. This white paper explores the various ways to mitigate risk while still providing personalized service.


Contact Center Security 

Understanding and Managing Risk


Deliver a secure customer experience with Metaphor IVR+

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“The USAN solution has given us everything we need. The scalability and customization make it feel like an enterprise-grade solution built just for Accelovance, but unlike a lot of enterprise systems, we can make changes easily and quickly. It’s also easy to manage and maintain. We’ve never had all of that before in a single, reasonably priced contact center solution. This is one that we know will continue to meet our needs – regardless of the requirements our customers provide to us.”



- Sara Riggenbach, Project Coordinator
Call Center Division, Accelovance


Mitigate the risk in your organization by removing PII and card data from contact center systems as well as transferring risk management to USAN.
Increase agent efficiency through a unified omni-channel suite of capabilities including a high containment IVR, a process optimized desktop and cradle to grave, drillable analytics.
Modernize and manage your contact center without bearing the burden of significant additional capital and IT investments. 
From phone calls, to text messages, to emails, to Tweets, your customers will enjoy a great experience every time they reach out to your company.
Use the power of social media to have meaningful, two-way conversations with your customers and foster new levels of connection and loyalty.
Delivers deployment flexibility to take cost reduction and consolidation to the next level with server/desktop virtualization capabilities and cloud optimization options.


Better Benefits


Continuously optimize call flows for better, faster call resolution
Automate information retrieval or virtually any business process
Resolve calls faster and improve live agent call management
Configure and scale your IVR system as your business grows and for your specific needs
Upgrade to a world-class IVR infrastructure without significant additional IT costs
Integrate and unify existing systems for seamless internal and customer interactions


Better Benefits


Phone: 770-409-2441

Ease of use - the intuitive browser-based interface gets agents and supervisors up to speed and productive fast.
Data integrity - ensures payment processing engine utilizes PCI-compliant cryptography for data in flight, and file level encryption for data at erst.
Fraud Detection - detect, track and report on potential fraudulent activity in IVR transactions.
Flexibility - accept payments transactions over the phone (voice) via IVR or on a secure microsite via text or email.
Secure Payment - mitigates the risk in your organization by removing card data from the contact center as well as transferring risk management to USAN.
Cost control - eliminate capital expenditures and reduce IT overhead with cloud-based platform.


Benefits of Metaphor IVR+ with SecurePay